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Happy New Year!


В канун праздников Нового года и Рождества редакция «Rainbow» желает всем своим читателям  крепкого здоровья! Пусть  в новом году с вами случаются только приятные чудеса и сбываются самые сокровенные мечты! Пусть каждый день приносит только хорошие новости! Пусть люди, которые вас окружают, радуются вашим успехам! Всего самого наилучшего

В подарок - новогодний выпуск газеты «Rainbow»!

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Ксения Шпаковская, 8 «А» класс Старобинской школы

When I conducted a survey in my family on the subject “Music” I learned a lot of interesting things. My parents love listening to pop music. They believe that this music is awesome! This music relaxes them and they dance to it.
My sister doesn’t like pop. She says that she is fond of rap, rock, R&B. This music – sometimes slow, sometimes fast – is for youth. You can dance or do various things to this music with your friends.
I like all styles of music, each of them has something special. When I listen to classical music, I recollect something nice and begin to dream. Rock helps me to relax. To my mind, each style of music sounds different to different people.

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Екатерина Делендик, 8 «А» класс Старобинской школы

Music has always been a great passion in my family. It has played a very important role in our lives. My mum’s and dad’s parents firstly met on the dancing floor. My dad dated my mum at the disco. So music has joined my family.
We like not only listening or dancing to music. Almost all the members of the family are talented musicians. One of my great-grand-grandfathers played 6 musical instruments. The other one was a very talented violinist. They often played at weddings. My dad studied at music school and played the trump. Unfortunately, he gave it up. Now he regrets it very much. A few years ago he learned to play the guitar.
My little cousin Nastya studies in the second form. She’s a talented singer. She ha ... Читать дальше »

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Сильвия Бойко, 8 «А» класс Старобинской школы

If you consider my family musical talents, you will see that all my family is made up of musicians.
My father is a musician. He plays the accordion, the piano, the guitar and the mandolin. We used to have all these instruments, but now only the piano and the accordion are left. Dad often plays at home and sometimes sings with my mother. He likes to listen to pop songs – only in Russian. He rarely listens to songs in other languages. He is also fond of listening to Christian songs.
My mother is keen on listening to solemn Christian songs in Russian. But listening to music is not enough for her. She loves to sing and she often does it very well.
My elder sister graduated from the musical school. She plays the piano very well and loves singing gospels in English.
Another sister enjoys listening to different kinds of musi ... Читать дальше »

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Юлия Прокопович, 8 «А» класс Старобинской школы

My mum and dad are interested in pop and jazz because this music is melodious. They don’t like rap because they think it’s stupid. My sister is interested in pop, jazz and rock – they are expressive, sentimental and lively, but she doesn’t like folk music. My brother is interested in rock and hard rock and doesn’t like folk, either. I’m interested in jazz, it’s melodious, and can’t stand rap – it may sound very aggressive.

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Дарья Аксенова, 8 «А» класс Старобинской школы

I’m fond of rap, I think it’s awesome, but I can’t stand folk music – it’s boring for me.
My dad is interested in jazz, because it is pleasant. He doesn’t like rock – terrible and noisy.
My mother is keen on classical music. She thinks it is relaxing and expressive. She hates rock because it is rude.
My brother is crazy about R&B because it is energetic and popular but he doesn’t like rap because it is boring.

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Kseniya Shpakovskaya

We celebrated New Year on the 31st of December and on the 1st of January. I met with my parents and my sister. It was wonderful! Before the New Year we decorated the Christmas tree (the symbol of New Year) with toys and garlands. We decorated walls with tinsel and garlands and hang a window decoration made of paper in the form of snowflakes, hares, Santa Clause, etc. We bought and made the gifts and put them under the tree.

 How can one do without a Christmas dinner? We cooked mashed potatoes, salads and much more dishes and laid the table. The congratulation of the President was on TV. Then the sound of clock bells was heard. We opened champagne and made a wish with our eyes c ... Читать дальше »
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Kristupos Dervinis
Starobin school

Draniki and kolduny are traditional Belarusian dishes in my family. Everyday meals are very typical - we usually have sandwiches for breakfast, meat with salad for lunch, spaghetti or salad for dinner. Some special dishes are prepared for parties and celebrations.

Greek salad

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, olive oil, 1 cucumber, a few black olives, a few cubes of feta. Slice the tomatoes and cucumber to small cubes. Put them in a bowl and add black olives and cubes of feta. Sprinkle with olive oil and serve to the table.

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Silvia Boiko, Form 8”A”,
Starobin school

The food in our family is very different. Our typical everyday meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner. We usually have tea or coffee, toast with butter and bacon, or some fruit for breakfast. We usually have soup and bread, salads, potatoes or paste with roast meat or chicken and coffee for lunch. For dinner we usually have fried eggs or milk soup, a vegetable salad and fruit (usually bananas, oranges and strawberries).

We cook such traditional for Belarus dishes as babka and draniki, and I like them. Special holiday dishes are roast potatoes and chicken with mayonnaise and cheese baked in the ... Читать дальше »
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Ekaterina Delendik, Form 8”A”
Starobin school

As for me, I like pizza most of all, though my dad and my mum don’t like it. We often eat fried eggs, pasta, soup, drink tea or coffee and sometimes cola or fanta. We usually have cereals with milk for breakfast, soup for lunch, roast potatoes for dinner.

Sushi is our favourite holiday dish, though traditional food in our family is babka.  Here is its recipe.

Ingredients: potatoes, flour, meat, oil, 2 eggs. Instructions: stir potatoes, preheat ... Читать дальше »
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Darya Lagun, 9 "A”

Every person on our planet has a family. I think family is a thing which makes our life happy. Only family loves you as you are.

I want to have a big family. My husband is handsome, kind, strong, sportive and clever man. I love him and he loves me. I want to have three children. The oldest son`s name is Tyoma. He is a sportsman. He loves football and volleyball. He likes studying and gets good marks. Then I want a daughter Margo. She is a beautiful and clever girl. She is fond of dancing. The youngest daughter`s name is Vika. She is keen on theatre. Tyoma loves his sisters and cares about them. My husband and I love our children very-very much. I wo ... Читать дальше »
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Veronika Lugovskaya, 9 "V”

Everybody dreams about good family where you can rely on your relatives and close people. An ideal family for me is mum, dad, me, my elder brother and my dog. We never quarrel with each other. The main trait of my family is understanding and support. My parents always support and help me. If I have problems they never abandon me in bad or dangerous situations.

In my ideal family I get on well with my brother. My brother is good and thoughtful. My dream family is close-knit. You can always find peace and joy in it. All the members in my family love each other. At weekends we go to the village, where we h ... Читать дальше »
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Anastasia Rodimtseva, 9 "A”

Every person sooner or later will have a family. This is the image of the family of my dream. My family consists of me, my husband, two sons and a cat. We will live in suburbs. Our house will be very big. The house will be three-storied with the cinema, the swimming-pool, the bathroom with Jacuzzi. There will be a big garden round the house. That is my dream, so we will see what will happen in the future.
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Alesya Ermakovich, 9 "V”

Everybody dreams about his or her family. You may rely on your family and your always have a shoulder to cry on. A family should consist of father, mother, you and, may be, brother or sister. A family should have a pet. A family should be close-knit and deal with problems together, and they should have their own family traditions. Parents should be reliable and kind. If you have older brothers or sisters they shouldn`t hurt you, they should support you. And you should get on well with your brother or sister. When you are older, you should care about the youngest and support them.
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